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Spray Tech Foam

Spray Foam Specialist

Highest R-Value per inch with superior insulation quality. Stops drafts and leaks and makes your home more comfortable while reducing your energy bill.

We are Experienced and on the Leading Edge of Spray Foam Insulation for Residential and Commercial Buildings

Spray Foam Applications

Spray foam is the only insulation that can offer a 100% air barrier, applying spray foam to your home or business can save you money, as well as, ensure a healthy environment for your family or patrons. Spray Tech of North Alabama has sprayed several types of projects for various reasons-- to provide an air barrier, vapor barrier, moisture barrier, sound barrier, or refrigeration/temperature control.

According to the US Department of Energy, 40% of energy loss is a result of air ebb and flow through your structure


Remodels, New Construction & Retrofit 

With Spray Foam you can expect a 30% to 50% energy savings

Commercial Businesses 

Salons, Doggie Day Care, Storage Centers, Bakeries and Restaurants 

Spray foam insulation reduces energy costs by reducing the flow of air through the walls, ceiling and floor of the home 

Industrial Businesses

Tanks, Break rooms (for sound), Containers 

Applying spray foam will ensure a healthy living environment for your family

Agriculture Businesses

Wine Vats, Digester Tanks, Nurseries, Refrigeration Storage Units, Pole Barns, Warehouses Farm Structures and Poultry Houses

Spray foam has no food value for mold to grow and will not support mold spores


Boats, Floating Homes and Swimming Pools

Spray foam drastically reduces noise irritants in your home! From the outside it will help block out noise caused by traffic, neighbors, pets and airplanes


50 Kilgore Rd. Boaz, AL 35957 


Email: James@SprayTechFoam.Pro                    
Phone: 256-486-5955

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